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Popular anger grew after the president addressed the nation on 16 March, refusing to accept any responsibility for the economic problems, and a special All-Party Conference on 23 March produced no solutions to the crisis. Generally speaking, women in Sri Lanka are responsible for cooking, raising children, and taking care of housework.

  • Although the incidence of FGM/C is declining in the majority of countries where it is prevalent, most of these countries are experiencing a high rate of population growth.
  • Furthermore, the result of this research study may help to identify women’s economic contributions in ancient times and how they actively participated in the economic development of the family and Sri Lankan society.
  • The literary text provides evidence of these dancing girls and it revealed that dancing girls were economically a stable lot.
  • The Samata Foundation reported 90 cases of gender-based violence faced by women and girls of low caste within the first six months of the pandemic.
  • Many female heads of households, therefore, lack access to social protection and are more likely to carry a triple burden in supporting their family whilst engaging in unpaid care work and domestic work.

For nearly a decade, the Sinhala Buddhist majority catapulted members of the Rajapaksa clan into key political positions. Gotabaya was the defence secretary to his elder brother Mahinda, then the president, when the government crushed the Tamil separatist group called Tamil Tigers to end the civil war in 2009, gaining the brothers further popularity. The war made heroes out of the Rajapaksas, but ethnic Tamils call it a genocide. Ownership of property by women in ancient times can be discussed under several headings from the information available in the chronicle, inscriptions, and verses on the Sigiri wall. Before inquiring into the tenure of property of ancient women, it is important to refer to matters like the legitimacy of land tenure and other property matters in ancient Sri Lanka. It should be emphasized that it is difficult to compare the legitimacy of land in ancient times and the present day, especially regarding property. Comparing the concept of ownership of the present time with the ancient concept is not a fruitful endeavor .

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Medicines and medical supplies – virtually all imported – are getting hard to find, with doctors and medical trade unions warning that the health system could fall apart. Unless they do more to demand changes to those structures and to target funding and assistance at initiatives that can help protect and empower women, their engagement will be ineffectual, at best. 5.2.1 Proportion of ever-partnered women and girls subjected to physical and/or sexual violence by a current or former intimate partner in the previous 12 months. In Sri Lanka, 9.8% of women aged 20–24 years old who were married or in a union before age 18. The adolescent birth rate is 21 per 1,000 women aged 15–19 as of 2015, down from 22 per 1,000 in 2014. In 2016, 74.3% of women of reproductive age (15-49 years) had their need for family planning satisfied with modern methods.

  • In the case of one domestic servant who was reportedly “locked in a room and repeatedly raped” by her Kuwaiti employer, Sri Lankan diplomats took the “unusual step” of bringing the case to court while giving the woman asylum in the embassy (Chicago Tribune 21 Mar. 1993).
  • There have also been fundamental rights cases before the Court of Appeal by Tamil women alleging torture in custody .
  • Physiological reasons for increased vaginal discharge are high estrogen levels during mid-cycle, pregnancy and due to sexual arousal.
  • Therefore, providing additional health support services in order to prevent transmission of STIs and to prevent unhealthy gynecological practices is essential.
  • Sri Lanka has ratified several international treaties and conventions that that declare the country’s resolve to protect human rights, and specifically, to protect women and girls against violence.
  • According to the literary and archaeological sources, it can be argued that women have functioned in various fields, including activities related to cultivation, internal trade affairs, animal husbandry, various other industries, and teaching.

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Many women use self-treatment with over-the-counter preparations for vaginal discharge prior to consulting a doctor due to many reasons . Thus, this descriptive qualitative study was aimed to assess how women living in estate communities in Colombo District, Sri Lanka manage abnormal vaginal discharge, including their cultural practices and health seeking behaviors. Three Focus Group Discussions were conducted in August 2015 in two estates and all groups comprised of six to ten women with a total of 20 women. Improving the capacity of women activists and peacebuilders to participate in the immediate and longer-term peacebuilding agenda of the country.

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Women in Sri Lanka’s predominantly Tamil-speaking north and east are facing a desperate lack of security in the aftermath of the long civil war. Women’s economic security is precarious, and their physical mobility is limited.

IFC continues to play a strong countercyclical role in Sri Lanka, providing much-needed long-term capital and trade financing to the country’s private sector. IFC’s Corporate Governance for Women program promotes women’s private sector participation and gender diversity among Sri Lanka’s business leadership. This includes trainings for women directors, programs for women-led smaller businesses, and research on obstacles to increase gender parity in the boardroom. Under the program, IFC also partnered with the Sri Lanka Institute of Directors to set up a Sri Lanka chapter of the Women Corporate Directors to further promote women’s board leadership. IFC is involved in a broad array of efforts – through investment and advisory – to enhance women’s participation in Sri Lanka’s private sector, demonstrating the business case for investing in women.

The study was mainly based on primary and secondary data collected from literature surveys and using available archaeological sources directly applicable to the issues addressed in this study. Considering the primary literary sources are available as textbooks, and according to the nature of these texts, researchers should gather information very carefully because of exaggerations. Archaeological materials such as inscriptions are available in volumes of Epigraphia Zeylanica and Inscription of Ceylon, and these sources are considered as most valuable materials due to the nature of the sources. Under Roman Dutch law a legal family is defined as a nuclear family established through monogamous marriage. A family established contrary to these requirements is regarded with disapproval. The Sri Lankan law on family relations does not recognize a family established by an unmarried couple or a single parent as a legal family .

Meet Women Of Sri Lanka Online – Full Review 2022

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This is partly in response to calls by women who have experienced FGM/C and advocates in the country . However, the Centre for Islamic Studies in Sri Lanka responded by indicating their concern about the criminalisation of the practice, citing this as an infringement on their right to practice their religion . This position was also reflected in our findings highlighting the importance of engaging religious leaders and reaching consensus in efforts to prevent FGM/C.

Although memorial events for the Tamils are generally prohibited, mostly by force and intimidation, even the Sri Lankan military makes a cautioned exception on this date. “I see some discussions on social media,” Swastika Arulingam told VICE World News. “But on the ground, there’s no discussion on what happened to the Tamils, and why it’s important to include them in the conversations.” She said that protesters are mostly Sinhalese. But a Tamil lawyer who provides legal assistance to anti-government protesters felt differently. Ranjanidevi holds photos of her husband and her two brothers who went missing during the fag end of the civil war. Until she was 9, Ranjanidevi would tell her that her father was in a military camp. But 44-year-old Ranjanidevi, who lives in the northern Sri Lankan coastal district of Mullaitivu, has no idea where he actually is.

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Although rapists may be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years, few rape cases are filed before the high courts because the victim is required to provide medical evidence, usually in the form of physical injuries . Any information the victim provides reportedly must be corroborated before a judge can convict the accused. According to one source, although there is no law “requiring corroborative evidence in such an action, the court always gives a warning or cautions the judge not to convict an accused solely on uncorroborated evidence” (Diva Mar. 1992, 29). That same source indicates that approximately 20 per cent of rape complaints never reach the courts because the police “for various reasons advise against prosecution.” Moreover, among accused rapists who are prosecuted, few are ever convicted (ibid., 30-31). According to Coomaraswamy, caste is a determining factor in cases involving minors; a conviction is near certain when a virgin under the age of 18 is raped by a man of lower caste .

The WPHF will ensure that a body of knowledge on Women, Peace and Security is developed and utilized for longer-term planning on WPS issues that will address women’s participation, conflict prevention and protection. It is particularly important to develop the capacity of minority women’s organizations that can traverse language, religious and ethnic divides.

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